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We work hard to be the premier landlord in the area. It is our job to provide our residents with a quality rental experience.

What Can A Professional Property Manager Do For You?

Historically, renting your home has been considered a relatively simple and low risk undertaking. However, in recent years, this apparently simple task has become progressively more complex and the risks associated with becoming a landlord far greater. While managing your rental is certainly within the abilities of most property owners, the time and effort involved in management may be greater than the cost of hiring a professional property manager.



Each applicant is required to pay an application fee of $35; however the total fee for married couples is $50. Anyone over 18 must submit an application.

Declined applications will be notified. The application fee is non-refundable.


The following information will be verified through Lexis Nexis and other sources.

  • Income
  • Residential History
  • Credit Payment History
  • Eviction Court Records
  • Collection Account History
  • Judgement Court Records
  • Bankruptcy Records
  • Criminal Background


  • The required income needed to qualify is three (3) times the monthly rental.
  • In case of roommates, we will accept their combined income to qualify, provided that they each meet credit and rental criteria. An application fee is required for each applicant.


  1. Eviction Court Records must not indicate more than three (3) eviction filings have occurred within the previous 24 months.
  2. Collection Account Records must indicate paid accounts or paid rental related collections.
  3. Criminal Background Management reserves the right to accept or decline based on past criminal activity.


  • Application fee: $35 per person (Credit & Background)
  • Deposit: Amount depends on credit score and other related factors
  • Evictions with over $1000 landlord debt will be denied